12 years gang-stalked by property Mafia

War Of the Roses 

Britains Biggest Heists: The Brinks Mat Robbery

connected to Kenneth Noy, Jenny Hervey Moon( Huguenot French , Lords , Peers) and Anita Such , London Escorts , Cranbrook   Anonymous_Cake_2_by_Crownjo

xsect truth

eternal 4 you

I crave so much to return to real reality, it is almost painful to live this artificial bullshit any further.

Hate hate ignorance and hate.

hypocrites, liars, users and corruptors

led by greed and crave for fame

bottom feeders of the illusion they believe in

swimming in their own sewage of hate

trapped by Maya in a web of Masonic Elite

deceit, false allegations,

wasting valuable crime officers time..to get me homeless and or destitute  asking for deportation.. ok …whatever for then ?

calling my consultant  to send me back to Belgium  for euthanasia ,  WTF

asking DWP to stop my Disability payment issued under EU law . erm.. ?

where they could be out  , protecting kids ….Mandy a Wheeler,  sends them 15 times to my address in 2 months.

now.. this swanky mare  , stalks my profile for  over a  year,  to copy my life

in order to replace , her man with mine, moans  at me about her man Stuart Tomlinson.

a supposed violent biker thug. nah , the man never laid a finger on her

she  asks local bikers in Hastings to run him over ..Publicly on a social network…

then telling Si tomlinson she can’t wait to have me on her bonnet (same thing)

this corrupted CPS officer fabricated  lie upon lie  and again lie upon lie

that is just diseased and twisted,  ‘Mandy ‘, we will be pleasantly grilling you in court , for perverting the cause of justice and subsequently harassing me in home so much my landlord repossessed my  flat , leaving me 2,5 years without a home

In court , i will be presented by myself and a fucking thunderstruck act of defiant proof that you are a thief and a charlatan , you were contracted and assigned to seize land assigned to me , by the rightful owner my ex, and his detached bungalow in a rural close

in order to protect them from bailiffs…

12 combining bikes of Simon Tomlinson and me, some classic racers we both own , a home made street-fighter Yamaha 1000 fzr

you tried to lay claim on him  , being now less than half the original 60.000 debt

and you . as CPS debt collector .. with power to seize

what was the end of year bonus with CPA  ?  for robbing Stu Tomlinson and then  trying to lay claim on 6 bikes i own? not to mention the house and the man in it ?  I  see through you , you are … gold digger to say the least, you abused your status in office  and most important ,  you were sent by inland revenue amongst other women to find clues to the illusive Matt brinks gold, supposedly on my exes land.. a big Lie yet again ,

like the Tax office lady biker Preening  and Cooing at me and Si , in Rye biker cafe over coffee asking away bout my moderator job on Chatterbox?  via non profit child protection cyber  squad desperate attempts to find out if i was working and if i was as what

well, i always been a charity or non profit worker

Back to the Gold Rumours ….this  the very same cache of gold ….

handled by Kenneth noye and distributed via church barn farm ninfield and rogers farm (then B n’B ) westfield anno 1980’,90’s and late millennium ?

together with a whole lot of others from the property mafia  , locally ?

see Abbey Gate Battle  Sussex House hastings development  ,  the fire at nursing home the ridge ,   the simultaneous fore at FC westfield destroying memorabilia

just to defer the fire engines from burning  wreckage of nursing home on ridge

(now developed by, you guessed it  Gould )

It is  claimed locally , there was still gold in westfield.. and Ore

especially since a cache of it was removed from the land at Simon’s.. WTF , something was removed one night leaving a 2 foot deep 5 foot wide gap and soiled placed loosely over it

now , well, this gold bullion …ever more elusive . no one knows the locations  exept for kenneth Noye whom handled the gold and is still in prison ,

a initiated search on as to whom and why , collapsed through false evidence in court by Jenny hervey Moon ..that simon came round for hassle when she invited him round churn barn , Ninfield

she Literally had to try  the criminalise the whistleblowers , in order to discredit the reasons as to why Simon should sell up….she threw a wobble  , when he did not want to move away to Ninfield or Brighton ( i stopped that )

the people who do know  about the bullion and their connections to it , are underground , lying low  and won’t speak to anyone

those that were released  , after serving long time never will go near it

see, the poor farmer murdered at Robertsbridge , That was connected , he was tortured between jeeps in order to let him blurt out a location of a gold stash, He died crushed between two vehicles

we know  , we know , we know and police won’t act . Kenneth Noy is and was protected by the Elite and Masonic  Brotherhood somehow  , because after 2 murders he is up for open prison and  they working on a release, EH ??? we know and we told you.over and over again,,,, whomever  approached us ,  over the house and land at westelle….now…one mistake and you are OUT .

WHY in  hell would did sign up for this. 🙂

 to try to con a Truther , is bizarre ..

“Energy fields pulling our bodies to space.
The angels that are composting the spiritual waste.
The hate that gets me displaced from my spiritual pace.
Tenfold the manna when the planets are in place”

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