the truth about child molestation , common practice in Belgian Elite , Witnessed 1970’s 2000

here begins part of my life story , how big industrial CEO ‘s would date my mum in 1970’s in order to also abuse me ,aged only  18 months

the start of a life long surviving parental sexual abuse from 1969 in Brasschaat Belgium

at a luxury flat near park of mum , then prefab house in Brecht built in 1970

When Gerda ; mum and Franz got married that year i had already been with mum to Tirol , Black Forest , Germany , Rimini in Italy  dozens of times , seems child exploitation gives you a very nice lifestyle ,

me ending up at 12 years old revising maths in April .. in 5 star balm beach hotel in of all places Agadir; Morocco. how much was i earning Bartson’s as  a child  i wonder .. then ..

i had to study 3 languages daily at ten . including Latin

I  had this gold cage world created for me , he said he could move mountains in order to make dreams happen , i just had to submit ,, me, myself .. even change my surname…  i said no ,

but grew up with 2 big company car Mercedeses on the drive

and everything around me luxury goods bought in the company name

did i ask for a white mink mini coat aged 8 ???

NO  . i didn’t ….it was there, in my ward robe , though .. chuckle , oh my.. destined to be vegetarian i couldn’t tell you my disgust when i was taken to a fox farm near holland.. i stood shaking as they each ordered full length fox for coats from the poor creatures kept in cages i saw earlier in the frosty cold

were these people really in charge of me.. i shuddered

my real identity in my early on already questioned the value of all this on the street , how it would rather benefit others that cash , to heat homes or buy food,

i thought very practical as a child , not knowing my revolutionary background yet one had bothered telling me whom my  real dad’s family was


i still felt compelled to mostly show intense compassion to people way way beneath me in social structure of everyday life


mum married Franz Clement Marie Bosch , CEO of Bartson’s  and Different Dialogue , multinational textile manufacturer when i was 6

it all felt uneasy , how they older guy of mum would grope me from the age of 7 , manhandle me roughly.. even family members , noticed some weekend , while over for a family dinner, that the man s hand were a bit all over me when drunk,

alcohol was always abundant in our house, we were the only ones on the private estate to have a weekly brewery delivery of crates…

every day i had it imprinted by mum how lucky i was , being part of the elite, no money worries , best food, best education , best health care,,

all i really wished for was for no longer to be touched up by old men.. i got used to staring blankly into the distance. it didn’t matter what i said or thought. i was an asset and not in control of their wicked game

a dark game of power  ,abuse  and blackmail ,

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