here begins part of my life story , how big industrial CEO 's would date my mum in 1970's in order to also abuse me ,aged only  18 months the start of a life long surviving parental sexual abuse from 1969 in Brasschaat Belgium at a luxury flat near park of mum , then prefab... Continue Reading →

Featured post did i disappoint  you with my book of love.... that should have seen us through  is it obvious to you , what i feel  ?do you feel it too  the final chapter in this contract...  i'd like to ask those maniacs hell bent on getting us to split  up do you like... Continue Reading →

unlock your restricted Potential by awareness , Manifest your Thoughts proactively

People are not powerless, in the immer more engulfing New word Order, non compliance is your power, doing the right thing,  and disconnecting yourself from a mind control realm be mind full, and do not be economical with truth no matter how offensive , and ...... the offended ,  is still in the wrong 😉

i think , i just now, had enough of being stalked by his sexploits,….

i was always on a mission with this diude always trapping people why they would come break up a couple , it was only after finding this all this 3 years on i staggered in disbelief , okay he said he s be waiting the property mafia's whores time and cash, so they tuyurn on me sooner or later, icluding his parents calling for me to be got at , and as i am logging most of it (bhuueerrg)for a future court case anyway , i post it here tagged explicit

Standing in the ashes of ..who we used to be ~ #Justiceforgrenfell! ~ Published on 21 Jun 2017 Donate here to support those affected by the Grenfell Tower Fire: Artists For Grenfell's track "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is out now. Stream and download here iTunes: Music: Spotify: GooglePlay: Deezer: Everything Syco Music and Sony Music receives from the single will be donated to... Continue Reading →

2009 Kamagira at second-life Kelly Osbourne One Word Second Life due to ongoing ms relapses , my friend , Maureen, 58 y/o , committing suicide my 12 year old cat lucy dies . and same time finding out someone dates Simon ... silence was all i needed to know  he went silent for days so this avatar... Continue Reading →

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