here begins part of my life story , how big industrial CEO 's would date my mum in 1970's in order to also abuse me ,aged only  18 months the start of a life long surviving parental sexual abuse from 1969 in Brasschaat Belgium at a luxury flat near park of mum , then prefab... Continue Reading →

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2009 Kamagira at second-life, Avatar, is born Kelly Osbourne One Word Second Life due to ongoing ms relapses , my friend , Maureen, 58 y/o , committing suicide my 12 year old cat lucy dies . and same time finding out someone dates Simon ... silence was all i needed to know  he went silent for days so this avatar... Continue Reading →

Conquer with a graceful smile

Learned to set any Bad situation back to my favour ,and ... survival is a must in urban seedy jungle where does it come from that people get judged for where they come from or what they like ? .. ~> all these words all these  wars  ...over who can hurt me more  ?... Continue Reading →

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