here begins part of my life story , how big industrial CEO 's would date my mum in 1970's in order to also abuse me ,aged only  18 months the start of a life long surviving parental sexual abuse from 1969 in Brasschaat Belgium at a luxury flat near park of mum , then prefab... Continue Reading →

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When Fascination Takes Control

Of my dancing  soul ,  .... can you feel that coming in the air tonight ?  Phil Collins wrote this song to tribute sexual childhood abuse victims ( #MKUltra) Monarch Programming , some of us , survivors turn our survival skills from youth into assets  of our damaged  Confidence & dented  Trust  there is. Great power In... Continue Reading → did i disappoint  you with my book of love.... that should have seen us through  is it obvious to you , what i feel  ?do you feel it too  the final chapter in this contract...  i'd like to ask those maniacs hell bent on getting us to split  up do you like... Continue Reading →

unlock your restricted Potential by awareness , Manifest your Thoughts proactively

People are not powerless, in the immer more engulfing New word Order, non compliance is your power, doing the right thing,  and disconnecting yourself from a mind control realm be mind full, and do not be economical with truth no matter how offensive , and ...... the offended ,  is still in the wrong 😉

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